If you are interested in surfing and want to get started with the best surf instructors in town you gotta follow these amazing surfers.

Paola Rodriguez

As a Jacó local, Paola grew up surfing in her own backyard. She’s proven that she can both surf and skate with the best of them. In professional competitions, she’s the reigning queen. In 2016, she won the Women’s Open Central American Surf Tournament. This small but mighty native is one of Jacó’s absolute best.

Aaron Ramirez

As a professional competitor, Aaron lives for God, but surfing is a close second. He has an impressive surfing record. In 2018, he won the Junior Men’s National Championship and the Rip Curl grom search then, in 2019, finished 17th in the under 18 category in the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship. Dedicated he brings his body, mind, and soul into his craft and enjoys sharing his love for surfing. 

Jose Barrantes

Jose’s been hooked on surfing from the moment his feet touched a board. Though he started his surfing career later in life, due to his invested hours, dedication, and receptive mind he’s been able to quickly climb the ranks and earn respect. His goal is to prove that he’s one the best to surf the Costa Rican coastline.

Darshan Antequera

Darshan Surf Instructor in Costa Rica

If there had to be one word to summarize this professional competitive surfer, and local Costa Rican, it’s grit. In his 2 years as a pro, he won the ACOS National Champion in 2019, in both the Open and Junior Division, and was a National runner-up in the Under 16 Division. With his calm determination and versatile style, he’ll be able to take any surfer, no matter their experience, to that next level.

Anderson Tasco

Costa Rica Surfing

Anderson is 30 years old and has been surfing for 18 years and professionally competing for 16 years. His passion is to introduce people to this beautiful sport. Throughout his surfing career, he has participated in 7 world surfing games ISA 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2021. He has also been part of the Central American games in 2007, the South American Games in 2010/2017, and the Pan American games in 2016. Anderson is grateful for surfing and he is in love with nature!

Nathaniel Mathis

Surf Instructor Nathaniel Mathis

Nathaniel is a local surfer from Jaco, Costa Rica. He has been surfing since age 7, and started giving surfing lessons at age 17. “I love the sport, come surfing with me and let’s have a good time!”

Leoni Awad

Leonie Awad Surf Instructor

Leoni was always really passionate about sports. She loves surfing, running, capoeira and all kinds of fitness. She started surfing 20 years ago in Australia and has been hooked ever since and surf every chance he gets! During University, Leoni studied Sport Science and he has worked at different Surf Camps around Europe, Mexico, and Costa Rica. After she graduated she was able to fulfill her dream of having a “Constant Surf Life” at the beach.